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You might not think much of it, but Google+ is powerful. Combining elements of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, Google+ is a veritable gold mine of information just waiting to be harvested. Set up a killer social media marketing strategy, and Google+ represents a plethora of opportunity to better understand your audience and their needs. Use this info to position your company as an authority and increase visibility in search results, and your audience will come to you. Be smart about it, and you’ll soon foster strong and meaningful engagement with your audience.
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13 Mar

Qantas Turns Digital to Increase Profit

Those who work in the marketing industry today are very aware of the impact the emergence of digital has made to the marketing tool-kit. Transforming both the communications and marketing industry, the explosion of digital has seen many small and large businesses turning towards online marketing to increase profitability. As online marketing specialists at Bang

28 Feb

If you’re not already – get across Apple Maps for local SEO.

Look it’s no secret, here at Bang Digital we are all things Google. From SEO to AdWords and all things in between, that little G icon pervades a very large proportion of our working day. However, at the end of day we love our clients, and what is valuable to their businesses is valuable to

14 Feb

Demographic targeting for Search is here!

Among the multitude of changes to AdWords in 2016 (hello, expanded text ads, RIP right hand desktop ads), Google has launched another great feature before 2017. For years Display advertising has offered demographic targeting and refinement options by age, gender and parental status. Now demographic targeting is available to all accounts through AdWords Search campaigns.