Social media marketing

Everyone’s on it. In fact, Australian’s are spending up to 2 hours a day on social media. The great thing about social media marketing is we know who these people are – how old they are, where they are situated, what brands they like, even if they are married or single. Never before in the history of marketing have we had such targeted access to the public, without an expensive market research exercise.

Just a few short years ago the main social media website was Facebook, however in that time we have seen the social media landscape grow exponentially with the rise of social media giants Twitter and LinkedIn. Both of these website now carry just as much importance as Facebook in the commercial social media arena.

Not only that but we have also seen brand new players enter the mix including Google Plus (Google’s social network), Pinterest and Instagram.

But what does this all mean to your business? And how can you make the most of this captive audience? Best you read on.


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23 Aug

Influencers and Brand Advocates

Four-year-old Pixie Curtis has 110,000 followers on Instagram, and makes up to $500 per product placement. New York-based blogger Danielle Bernstein earns $5000 – $15,000 per post.   The rise of Influencer Marketing has introduced a new way for businesses to reach a niche, highly engaged group on social platforms. The new celebrity endorsement, people

22 Aug

AdWords Expanded Text Ads

AdWords launched the new, expanded text ads earlier this month; a change that they dub the greatest change since AdWords’ inception in the early 2000s. What exactly does the change entail and what are the expected impacts on the results you see? Bang have the answers! What’s going to happen to my ads!? Your ads won’t

22 Aug

How to Create a Content Strategy – Part 2: Content and Distribution

This is the second part of a blog post on how to create a content strategy for your business. So we have the brand voice and audience nailed down. The next step is to brainstorm content topics that will educate or entertain your potential customers while also fulfilling your marketing objectives. Stage 1 – Recognising