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Email marketing

Let’s be clear – we’re not talking about chain emails from your Grandma here – we’re talking about powerful, results driven marketing. Social media, SEO and SEM are crucial to an online marketing strategy- but missing out email marketing is a huge missed opportunity.

We’re all familiar with dodgy looking e-newsletters and “BUY NOW!!” spam deals. Those don’t work. What does work is valuable content in exchange for your subscriber’s valuable time. Good content will deepen your relationship with your audience through effective email subject lines that get your email opened and deliver highly measurable results.

Email marketing lets you simultaneously reach a vast audience whilst also speaking one-on-one. This personal approach can be highly powerful if you do it right. Email is all about quality vs. quantity – run blindly into it and your efforts will be wasted. But when used strategically prepare to blow your competition out of the water.
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12 Feb

Optimising for short attention spans with Rich Answer Boxes

A feature that we’re all familiar with is Google’s Rich Answer Box. The instant answer feature has been around for a fair while now but is starting to gain traction across a range of different terms – not just when you want to quickly check the exchange rate before you make an online purchase! Answer

08 Feb

Google’s RankBrain Update

We always keep our ears to the ground with any new Google Algorithm updates, as an update from Google can impact our clients SEO rankings depending on what the actual update is. More often than not our clients do not get impacted by too many updates, mainly because Google’s updates always target poor quality content

01 Feb

Is a social media ghost town hurting your business?

It’s common knowledge that to adequately market most businesses, you need to have a presence on social media. Depending on your industry this will include at least two platforms from the big 4: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. With new platforms being introduced by the day, it’s tempting to want to jump on board the