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You would have seen them everywhere. The advertising banners on websites that we all frequent. Some are good, and others aren’t. Ours? Without honking our own horn too much – are awesome. Why are ours so great? Because they get results.

Whether it’s a one of a kind animated graphic or a simple clean design stating the facts we will identify the best strategy for your business. With years of experience in the design of animated and static banners for all different advertising networks Bang Digital will be able to create the perfect suite of banners to match your digital marketing campaign, branding and overall strategy.
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14 Feb

Demographic targeting for Search is here!

Among the multitude of changes to AdWords in 2016 (hello, expanded text ads, RIP right hand desktop ads), Google has launched another great feature before 2017. For years Display advertising has offered demographic targeting and refinement options by age, gender and parental status. Now demographic targeting is available to all accounts through AdWords Search campaigns.

03 Feb

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the hot new digital marketing buzz word and you may have already experienced it with many businesses using techniques such as automated EDM journeys, whereby an email is triggered by certain actions, sending related content in order to connect with their target market in a more relevant and specific way. But this